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Old cars are not always easier to work on. Heres my point: To replace the oil pump in my 79 Chevrolet Malibu, i had to.... Jack car up and place on jack stands. Remove positive and negative battery cables. Remove air cleaner. Remove all pollution control and carb hoses. Remove air conditioning lines. Remove fan shroud. Remove fan. Remove all engine electrical wiring. Remove starter. Remove torque convertor shield. Remove exhaust. Drop and remove driveline. Remove hood. Remove radiator hoses. Remove radiator. Remove transmission cooling lines. Remove power steering lines from drivebox. Remove brake booster vacuum hose. Remove engine ground straps. Remove transmission cross brace. Remove transmission shift linkage. Remove transmission speedometer cable. Drain oil and remove oil filter. Of course drained all fluids of all parts named above. Remove engine mounts. Remove engine and transmission together. Remove oil pan. Remove oil pan gasket. Remove oil pump. Replaced 34 yr old exhaust flange bolts which broke and replaced spark plugs. One days work. Second day, put it all back together. No helper, just a radio, tools, beers and a shitload of patience. Some blood, alot of sweat, nearly had some tears...
Posted on: Mon, 08 Jul 2013 03:27:05 +0000

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