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On Fox News – yes, you heard me, Fox News, former HHS Director of Consumer Information and Insurance, Jay Angoff, admitted that Republicans should shoulder part of the blame. According to Angoff, the Republicans in Congress never allocated money for the website and that the HHS had to scrape the money together, meaning that the administration didn’t have the time they should have had to ensure that the website was fully functional. In addition, in the GOP’s eagerness to privatize absolutely everything, the government had to contract out the making of the website, at exorbitant private sector fees. There has been this on-going theme with the GOP in this Congress and the 112th Congress, regarding the cuts in funding for our Government. Benghazi was a perfect example where the GOP wasted so much Congressional time trying to point the blame at Obama(and failed), they were blind to the fact that they cut funding for Embassy Security, around the World, so we would not have the appropriate funds to make our Americanss overseas feel safe. And after Congress had 18 Congressional hearings and 25,000 Administration Documents produced from the Benghazi hearings, did Congress come up with a solution? NO! Americans still have minimum protection at our Embassies, and if the GOP has their way they will keep on de-funding our Government programs and then complain about the consequences of those actions Both sides need to share the blame for the lack of funding for healthcare.gov
Posted on: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 16:07:47 +0000

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