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On July 10 2014 a Judiciary Committee voted on S.J. Res. 19: a constitutional amendment that would give Congress power to curtail Americans First Amendment right to free speech. It doesnt take a complicated constitutional exposition to see what the proposed amendment is really about: its about power…giving it to sitting Members of Congress and taking it away from the American people, including any potential candidate that might like to challenge a sitting Member of Congress. As we have seen in the unfolding scandal at the IRS, there is a permanent temptation facing those in power to muzzle dissent and a permanent inclination to deceive oneself into thinking that such a temptation does not exist. This is the primary reason why this country has a written Constitution that checks those in authority and prevents the exact kind of proposal they are trying to pass in the first place. Senator Mike Lee spoke out against it, as any rational thinking person would. But the real question is, why was this ever even brought to a vote. Recognize when the powers that be are challenging whether or not you are really paying attention. Because if they find out that your not, youll find your self in a world from which there is no escape.
Posted on: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:34:17 +0000

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