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On Saturday, 18th January 2014, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga addressed a public rally Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu where he made some very wild, alarming and indeed outrageous allegations clearly not befitting a leader of his caliber and public standing. Raila was quoted in the media claiming that “Military was used to rig the elections in favour of Jubilee.” But surprisingly, despite the immense significance of the allegations former PM made, he offered not a single piece of evidence to back these outrageous claims. Raila’s claims are disturbing at two levels: one, that a leader, who has held many high positions of immense responsibility in the country, including being Prime Minister, can be so naïve as to make unsubstantiated utterances without thinking about the likely consequences of such remarks; two, that a politician of his experience and one who, presumably, still aspires one day to be the Commander in Chief of Kenya Defence Forces can make allegations that undermine one of the most critical institutions in the country. On the other hand, one wonders why it took Raila a whole ten months after the alleged rigging to make public such a serious issue. If one assumes Raila was taking his time on the matter to investigate, gather evidence and concretise his case on rigging, then where is that evidence? Raila’s wild claims have the negative potential to undermine and demoralise an institution that has, since independence, stood true to its calling of defending the country against foreign aggression. As the former PM knows very well or ought to know, since independence, Kenya’s Military has never played any role in politics whatsoever. The Military has over the years carried out its constitutionally mandated duties with diligence and intense professionalism. That is as it ought to be. If indeed the former PM had evidence of Military’s complicity in the alleged election rigging, why didn’t he present the same in the Supreme Court when he filed his petition early last year? He did not do so because no such evidence exists! What’s more, Raila went on to claim that the Chief Justice and Supreme Court “were forced by Jubilee leaders to deliver a verdict they did not believe in.” Again, just another wild allegation not backed by a scintilla of fact! As Prime Minister and a key player in the last Government, Raila was very instrumental in the appointment not just of Chief Justice Willy Mutunga but the entire Supreme Court Bench. All members of the Court went through a thorough vetting process and the former PM was key player in this process. The Court was structured on the basis of having at the apex of the country’s justice system men and women who are sober and beyond reproach. Raila Odinga was party to this process. There is only one conclusion one can infer from the former Prime Minister’s irresponsible allegations; that like the Biblical Samson, he is trying to bring the temple down with him. The former Prime Minister should always remember that the hallmark of a genuine democrat is not how he or she wins power, but how he or she handles defeat. Read more at: standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000103517&story_title=Kenya-raila-s-claims-against-military-outrageous
Posted on: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 12:36:55 +0000

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