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One DAY I WILL BE NO MORE!!!. People that love me will cry, people that never wished me well, will yet feel bad, my pictures will be used on Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp and Twitter, there will be thousands of comments on them from people that know me and from people that really wished they came in contact with me. There will be no more status update, no more broadcast, Dp will not be changing again. You will call my phone and I will never pick up, drop thousands of text that will be unread, then there will no longer be me. If you loved me, how will you feel that day? If you hated me, how will you feel? If I had beg for help from you, and you turned me down,tell me, how you gonna feel? If we had unsettled dispute, what would you be crying for? Looking at the happenings in our society today, I think we should live right & be right, love, care, support one another.We all got no duplicate. Make peace always,because you never know when our last goodbye will be. PLEASE HAVE A RETHINK... MAY WE ALL LIVE LONG AND NOT DIE UNTIMELY IN JESUS NAME. ....AMEN
Posted on: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 04:50:45 +0000

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