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One more note the number four is two squared theres nothing in nature that is square and the four was missing from 2010, so 2010 and the four missing might be a natural anomaly that is described numerically also, that would be the abstract gem that would be showing itself in the occurrence of the 27th and the past and future and 2014 to 2015, that the numbers and truth and reality exist in the abstract. Thinking about the triangle and it making ships and planes in such crash it makes me think of dimensions. If you remember when we wanted to use the wormhole we want to stretch 1 to 4 and then use that to go the distance of one to make it the distance of four. in this case were just going to take the number one and were going to say a one unit of length one and then we square that and we get one by one that gives you a one by one square and then were going to cube that and that will give us a one by one by one cube. So if we go one by one by one by one then what does that do we have it we already have a one by one by one Cube for three dimensions, what does the fourth dimension do, well if the fourth dimension is time, so if four is a description for a square because it is two squared and the fourth dimension is time and squares dont naturally occur in nature then perhaps we have a connection to a square to the fourth dimension time, meaning time The fourth dimension is a two dimensional square and that is where you can travel in time and place going from the third dimension to the second dimension
Posted on: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 03:54:18 +0000

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