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One of the most effective methods available to us is to starve the rest of the world. We have to weed out those in-country that are supporters of Americas enemies and make examples of them for all the world to see. We have to ban Islam from our shores including all who follow it. The world will continue down this path of mass confusion and violent destruction. A leader not afraid to kill and enemy publically and viciously will set them back making them regroup. Closing the borders securely and cutting off all world trade will quickly force the anti Americans to re-group. I would put our entire military and reserves on Defcon 3 and form a parameter around this country. It would take 2 to 5 years to get the economy back up and strong. Multi-national corporations would have to choose to close outside operations or move out. All liberal/socialist educational facilities would have to be shut down. Police, Judges, prosecutors, Lawyers and witnesses who violate the Constitution or in any fashion work to incarcerate an innocent person would be prosecuted with a mandatory life sentence being the punishment. This is not overly hard unless the leader cannot kill publically and viciously. That is the secret to the survival of America.
Posted on: Sun, 05 Oct 2014 00:34:32 +0000

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