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One year ago today, after being encouraged by many of you, I declared my candidacy for Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee. I was successful with your support, and since my election I have worked hard to strengthen and unify the Erie County Democratic Party. This is only the beginning! During my campaign for Chairman, I pledged to build on the foundation that former Chairman Lenihan put in place during his 10 successful years at the helm of the party. In May, we united the party by endorsing Byron Brown for reelection as Mayor of the City of Buffalo for a third term. We have also recruited a diverse slate of candidates to run for countywide offices and Erie County Legislature this year including 5 women. We moved out of the Ellicott Square building after more than 20 years, and have brand new modern headquarters in the fast-growing Larkin Business District. We have hired a professional staff to assist all of our candidates from Newstead to Brant. At our new location we have been able to design and print more than 1 million palm cards, mailings, and invitations for our candidates. We are embarking on a tough year ahead, but if we continue working hard together and supporting our Democratic candidates we can be successful. I am honored to lead our party and I am excited for this year’s elections. I also look forward to next year’s big statewide elections led by our Governor, Andrew Cuomo! I am humbled every day to be your chairman. Thank you for all you do for the Erie County Democratic Committee! Jeremy Zellner Chairman
Posted on: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 16:41:35 +0000

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