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Our president is at it again. (Geez...it d SURELY be nice if I could make it a week or two without having to do this...). It is being widely reported that President Obama is ACTUALLY considering SANCTIONS against arguably our second most important ally on earth, the State of Israel, for, as Im sure he thinks, having the gall to build homes for its people in JERUSALEM! Mind you, we are not talking the West Bank or Gaza. We are talking JERUSALEM!! Jerusalem. For Moses and King Davids sake! Like they dont have EVERY right to do so! Obamas expectation that he can tell Israel not to build Jewish homes in Jerusalem because Palestinians have a problem with it is like saying that we as Americans cant build homes in Philadelphia or Washington D.C. because native Americans might not like it much due to the fact that we stole those places from them. In actuality, I believe he probably does hold a view not too dissimilar from that. This after a string of completely mad moves on his part which are so far flung from common sense that even those in his own party are becoming publicly alarmed...ever distancing themselves from him and his policies. No sane thinking American of either political ilk could convincingly argue that his latest stunts, such as flouting his complete disregard for his constitutional limitations on immigration and his recent alignment with the reverend Al Sharptons inflamatory promotion of a false flag racial backdrop to the events in Ferguson and New York are the actions of a man working in the best interest of our nation. Now, with this latest news that he is even CONSIDERING punishing Israel for the building of homes in a city within their own country, especially their sacred Jerusalem, there is no longer any doubt from whence he comes ideologically. Allow me to say it this way: the attitude that Israel can not or should not govern all aspects of their own country, especially as relates to in which cities they will build homes within their own territory, Jerusalem in particular, is a position normally reserved for members of the Muslim Brotherhood, radical Islamists, and some members of the Muslim faith, however reserved, whether or not practiced openly. I highly doubt you will find many in the Christian faith who would take such an anti-Semitic position. Mr. Obama has been on the wrong sides in the middle east consistently...in Libya, In Egypt for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and, all along, with favoring the Palestinians (really a made up name...could apply to anyone living in or from the region) over the Israelis.
Posted on: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 07:13:37 +0000

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