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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME The National Autism Association (NAA) conference I am speaking at right now is held at the Tradewinds Resort (TradeWinds Island Resorts)in St. Pete Beach, Florida. (This is how it looks at sunset. Me likey.) A cool fact: The resort has all of its staff trained in how best to care for and help children with #autism and their families. Isn’t that magnificent? You may often feel alone. You may sometimes feel uncared for. You may occasionally feel disrespected. But don’t forget that there are awesome people out there who DO care and who ARE willing to help. If you have a story of someone helping you or your child “for no good reason,” tell me about it! Raun K. Kaufman Author, #AutismBreakthrough Director of Global Education Autism Treatment Center of America #autismspectrum #TheSonRiseProgram #peopleareawesome #autismconference
Posted on: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 22:15:00 +0000

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