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PLEASE HELP ME!. can anyone, maybe Bibi Zermeno, or Katie Dirks or Jason Peacefulplanet Guille, tell me how I can just accept that candadian tax dollars are paying for United Nations peace keepers to go into countries and rape 8 year old girls. Is it as simple as the serenity prayer to change the things I can and accept the things I cant, because right now Im seeing it as black and white. Or is it because the rapes and torture are happening in other countries, or because I dont personally know the women and girls. If the girls were my sisters, nieces or daughters, would that make it alright to see black and white? Please help me and tell me how most canadians ignore it, or accept it so that I can, and then maybe i can be a productive member of society, instead of an angry complainer. When I saw in the true story The Whistle Blower, the scene with the peace keepers bosnian pimp, rape a women with a steel pipe because she had told the woman investigator about her situation, it seemed black and white to me. Can You please help me make it grey so my pain will go away, and I will stop calling canadians, idiots. My friend said it bothers people when I talk about the rapes. I was bothered that people are bothered by me talking about the rapes, but they arent bothered about the rapes. I think I have a mental illness that makes these things black and white. Do you think most people take prozac to help them accept their money going to such things, or is it just because there is nothing to be done. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE IT GREY, Please. I just dont understand, and I need help. Thanks and I wont bother You anymore. (Of course the rape scene isnt on you tube, even though they toned it down in the movie after people fainted in the theatres with the original scene, so here is a easy to watch clip.) https://youtube/watch?v=NINGY71J-SM
Posted on: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 06:06:06 +0000

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