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PLEASE SHARE! Christians who have been persecuted in Mossoul-Iraq have found refuge in 2 churches in Hazmieh yesterday night. They came with ABSOLUTELY nothing and are in desperate need for our help. We are inquiring about the following: Their number- The number of children- If there are any babies and if there is a need for chronicle medication for elderly people. But in the mean time we need to urgently gather food and clothes. Please don’t turn a blind eye; it only takes so little from each and every one of us to give a helping hand that would make a huge difference for them. Please go through your clothes and if you find summer clothes that you don’t need, blankets…please place them aside, also if you can buy basic foods: such as bread, rice, oil, milk, biscuits…anything…would be helpful. Any donation to buy food would also be welcomed. I will take care of the pickup & delivery if it’s complicated for you to drive all the way to Hazmieh just send me a PM and I will organize it. Thank you for your help!Contact: mireille safar 03-572322EAS
Posted on: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 11:23:12 +0000

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