POWERS OF PRAYERS. #PART 5. THE PRAYER OF INTERCESSION. TEXT: 1st TIMOTHY 2:1:- I EXHORT Therefore, That First Of All, Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, & Giving Of Thanks, Be Made For All Men. * As True Worshippers, It Is Our Priestly Responsibility To Intercede For Others. The Prayer Of Intercession Is Not Only For unBelievers, But For Believers Too:- 1st Samuel 12:23, Luke 23:34, Colossians 4:12. It Is Not An Easy Prayer With Casual Expressions Like OGod Bless Abam. Theres Labour In This Kind Of Prayer. * In The Prayer Of Intercession:- #A : Your Not Praying For Yourself But For Others. #B : You Pray Continuously Over The Same Issue Until You Get That Note Of Victory In Your Spirit That youve Gotten What You Asked For. TESTIMONY:- Last Week, I Got A Prayer Request From A Friend Who Was Believing God To Get Visa For Herself & Her Son To Travel To Austra. After Three Days Of Effective Intercession, She Got The Visa. To GOD Be All The Glory. * Dear Friends, I Became An Effective Intercessor By Praying Daily For At Least 1hr:30mins in The Morning, 1hr In The Afternoon & 30mins At Night Without Vain Repetitions. You Too Can Become One. But To Be An Effective Intercessor You Need The SPIRIT OF GRACE & SUPPLICATION. * In JOB 42:10:- After JOB Interceded For His Friends, GOD Turned His Captivity & Gave Him Twice As Much As He Had Before. * Dear Friends, Intercede For The Unsaved Souls In Your Family & Neighbourhood Today. As You Do This, I See GOD Rewarding You Accordingly In JESUS NAME. Amen. * Good Morning. Have A Blessed Day. * JESUS Is LORD!
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