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PROBLEMS PART 18 ROY::::::Nurse how is my friend today? NURSE:::::::His still in pain but i hope in Gods name he will be okay ROY::::::True God is the healer..i trust him too NURSE:::::You such a good friend i hope he knows that ROY:::::::Yeah we go way back with him..his my ups n NURSE:::::::LOL...his your what? ROY::::::::You heard right sister..i mean just that his my ups n downs..but i care about him a lot NURSE:::::::His lucky to have you as a friend..i wish i have a friend like you ROY:::::::::Meaning? NURSE::::::::Its a long story..but to cut it short..i had bad friends before but right now Im all alone trying to heal my wounds it sounds like you came from a dark world filled with selfish people neh? NURSE::::::::You can say that again..i dont wish to have that life again..right now i live to serve God nothing else ROY:::::::::HAHAHAHA Nice sister..i know what you talking about NURSE:::::::Really? ROY::::::Yeah devil was my Master too but now Im free from him..his my reject n regret now..i dont wish to go back to that life i used to live back then NURSE::::::You sound like a wise man now..your mind is full positive thoughts Im inspired talking to you ROY:::::::Thanks but Im still struggling to cope without my past but Im getting there step by step NURSE::::::::Yeah step by step thats my slogan too..Im proud to be where Im at right now ROY::::::::Keep sound like a strong girl NURSE::::::::Yeah Im trying to be strong but life is tempting me to go back its hard to move forward ROY::::::::I know..keep pushing hard..your victory will come one day NURSE:::::::::Thanks...Your friend dont want to see you today..go ill tell him about your visit. Let him rest..he needs to rest ROY:::::::True you right..ill come tomorrow to check his progress..please take care of him..tell him i need him outside not here...eish i forgot to ask your name...please tell me if you dont mind me asking NURSE::::::::IM ZINHLE N YOURS? ROY::::::::Nice talking to you name is Roy ZINHLE::::::::Nice talking to you too Roy..ill tell your friend not to let go of such a good friend to him ROY::::::::Thanks Zinhle..ill see you tomorrow...eish i wanted to say ill see him tomorrow ZINHLE::::::::LOL....ill see you tomorrow..ill be here..his my client Im looking after him for you dont worry ROY:::::::You sweet..thanks now i friend is in good hands..Im glad for your help ZINHLE:::::::Pleasure is all mine Mr ROY:::::::HAHAHAHA Not Mr Roy...just Roy okay ZINHLE::::::::Cool i was playing with you ROY:::::::OWWK..Goodbye for now..ill be here tomorrow same time..please tell him that ZINHLE:::::::::With go..i want to work talk too ROY::::::::hahahaha I heard that..bye!mmmmmhh wow shes so fine Jesus...Help me Lord eish her eyes sings Hallelujah to my heart..Im hearing her verses inside my ears right..Im sweating so hard...Stop it Roy what are you doing what a moment..Thank Bobby my friend you doing it again..Damn you..with you Im always in trouble..hahahahaha but this one Im loving it..Tjo!! But Tracy will kill me dead if she finds out Im talking to girls like that..let me go to my sweetheart..Please devil leave me alone..Im not tempted but Im taken by Tracy...eish Im talking alone people will start thinking Im crazy..shhhhhhh shut up Roy To be continued!!!
Posted on: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 21:02:01 +0000

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