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PUBLISHED LETTER IN SAT 20/7/2013 TO EDITOR... Tower of Cement at end of Rosebank Rainbow A couple of weeks ago I was singing the praises of living in Rosebank, a beautiful little Hamlet overflowing with birds and wildlife, tucked away in the glorious Hinterland of Byron Bay. But not today, today I’m crying. Plans for a proposed 30 metre, cement, Microwave Tower by a company called Visionstream, on behalf of National Broadband Network Co (NBN), arrived in our letterbox. The proposed site, unbelievably, is right in the centre of Rosebank Village. What’s it for, faster internet. Not better mobile phone or TV reception as some think. But Visionstream did tell me that the phone companies are welcome to hang their dishes on their poles, for finishing touches. Less than a handful of homes, that this company deemed most directly affected, received this shocking proposal with only 15 working days to respond. Plans were also sent to Lismore City Council, but, incredibly, Council approval is not required. Why inform Council but not the community affected? The company mostly only requires the permission of the landowner, who is paid remuneration. It is very alarming that the Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) data cannot conclusively prove there will be no health or environmental consequences in the future. Imagine what the Northern Rivers Area will look like when these huge, unsightly towers are placed willy nilly all over the place, without Community consultation or Council approval? Someone decided that it’s ok to build a 30 metre, cement, Electro-Magnetic Radiation emitting Tower, in the centre of the Village of Rosebank, close to children, a Wildlife Corridor, Rural Fire Station, Cafe and surrounding homes and a staggering 90 metres from our home, where we’d planned to retire. This proposal greatly impacts on a disproportionately large section of our small community and we highly object to it. Installation of these poles is being conducted in an alarmingly clandestine manner. Please do some homework on these Microwave Towers if you care about your town, especially the children. We’ve been told that dealing with Visionstream and Ericsson is pointless but that Government Reportable Complaints is more effective: [email protected] Knowledge is Power. Alexandra Wilson Rosebank
Posted on: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 05:12:41 +0000

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