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Pastor Caught With Human Skull During Prayer The heart of men is full of deceit and evil,imagine a man that called himself a pastor keeping possession of human skull,this is so unimaginable and a bad news to the gospel. But as a christian we must not let this dirty act of some fake men of god to take us far from God because remember that bible said salvation is personnel. The Oyo State capital, Ibadan, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the last one week and the gory stories continue to unravel. First it was the discovery of a horror forest where human bodies and skeletons were discovered in a community. Few days after that discovery, a man who disguised himself as a mad man was arrested with human tongues and other body part. The latest that is coming from the ancient city is that a man who disguised as a Pastor has been nabbed after he was discovered to be in possession of a human skull. The preacher, dressed in white garment and going about preaching at the top of his voice and receiving money from people, was arrested at Agbowo Junction. A man approached the fake Pastor to pray for him but during the prayer the man observed something inside his bag. After the prayer, the man made as if he wanted to give the Pastor some money but he immediately grab his bag and while dragging the bag, to the surprise of everyone, a human skull drop... A mob, having been attracted by the shocking discovery, descended on the fake Pastor and beat him to a pulp as others who had begged the Pastor to pray for them watch with shock. But for the intervention of policemen attached to the Kajorepo Police Division, the fake preacher would have been beaten to death and even set ablaze. He is now in police cell, answering questions about his activities.
Posted on: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 10:07:12 +0000

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