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People dont realize how short life really is.. we are guilty of taking things for granite. We where put her for a reason and that reason in not to make other feel bad about themselves or to try to put ourselves higher than others . We where put here to love to learn and share what we know about God .. and I will tell u that I do believe in him. Just a few weeks ago my son was very sick . And I called every one I know and asked them to pray for my boy. And now my son is healthy. Explane that. U cant it was a gift from god. Now people are abusing the beauty in life and thats life itself. .. . Just stop and think about it for a min .. now if u could go back and start over a lot of us would probably do so. But we cant . And thats ok . We have today to start new to make every day a good day I believe that a positive action attracts a positive reaction. Make every day a good day and love ur enemy. Love is all u need . Now people are all about money and possession well the people who have that . Good for u . But unless u have love and passion for thoes around u .. to me u have nothing thoes things mean nothing in life .. what happens to all that when we leave this earth . Love and passession will take u to a place that cannot be explained. A place that will set u free . So just think ... do u really have everything. I may not have money . I may not have a nice house or cloths. But I have my family and I have god.. thats all I need .. DO U HAVE WHAT U REALLY NEED .... SHARE IF U LIKE . IF NOT U NEED MORE LOVE AND U NEED MORE OF JESUS:) PEASE
Posted on: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 03:48:52 +0000

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