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Photos blow are the result of an escaped mama cat who had barely made it into the crate, w/o her babies. She is currently hiding in the garage and seems to have no interest in her few day old babies. We found her twice, but she was in places impossible to get to. Once I had a crack, but grabbed her not in the mommy hold (head was not available) and she absolutely nailed me right on the vein on my hand. We tried to go to Loma Linda Emergency, but can anyone imagine a Friday night at an Emergency room in a world class hospital......Masses of folks on stretchers, covered in blankets, sleeping. Wait 3-6 hours depending on severity of need. So home we went and started me on the antibiotics I got for dental work. Ice, Tylenol, all I could so. Dean is super upset, he is so fierce about cat bites. For me, it makes caring for the kitties very hard, can really properly feed or clean. Did manage to get some syringe feeding to the four babies so they wont die. Have no idea what will happen next for them, as I cannot care for them, not a newbie feeder. I cant really move two fingers, need help with almost everything as I am ambidextrous with an emphasis for labor on left hand. Was going to take two kitties to Petsmart, not possible now. How I am going to transport three not so friendlies tomorrow is anyones guess. Hope Dean will help, not to mention loading crates for the adoption at Moorpark Park. Oh yes, have a party tonight with the cast and crew from Western U., all vets, all professors, oops.
Posted on: Sat, 05 Apr 2014 16:22:13 +0000

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