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Pl one minute When I came to know that there is Apostolic calling upon me my vision was changed: * I wanted to build 1000 churches in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. * so far we started 438 churches *I want to write 1000 books so far i wrote 25 books * I wanted to be called as a worshiper rather than apostolic so, I have tuned and composed 1500 songs and my vision is before the Lords coming I want to compose atleast 10,000 songs. * In my local church in Rajamundry I have 4000 church members but my vision is 1lakh. According to my vision I am running after running to shake the kingdom of God.yesterday I went to one more church dedication, This village people apposed my pastor Christudass not to build church because they thought if they build church in this village all the people will die and they God also will die and they crops and cattle will get destroyed. So from last 10 months they did a lot of disturbance to my pastor and everyday they use to come and fight with him. But we influenced officals and political leaders and we built the church in this village. All these 10 months our pastor have gone through tears and pain and lot of disturbance through villagers As we dedicated the church yesterday our sorrow turned into joy. And the belivers started to dance worship and started feasting. This is my 438 church. I encouraged pastor, his family and all the belivers and I prophesied over them and blessed them. And on my way back I visited one more church which is under construction I prayed for them too. And one more pastor runs an old age home I visited the home and prayed for the pastor and the orphan old age people and blessed them too. I am back home safely. Today we have meeting in Vizag pray for the meeting and tomorrow we have live program in Calvary tv from 1:30pm- 3:30pm (Indian Time). Tomorrow evening thats on 9 August we have supernatural meeting in Hari Harakala Bhavan in Secunderabad. Pic1) dedication of church pic2)church pic3) another under the constration pic4) old age home
Posted on: Fri, 08 Aug 2014 14:05:16 +0000

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