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Please Share This Very Important Post - Written By: Cliff Drake Everyone wants to post Vet pics of themselves for Veterans Day and thats cool, but I want to share with you all a reason why guys give up and end their lives on a cross of the 22. I dont want to see any more crosses, especially my own. It takes more than others reaching out. It takes us vets to identify, assess, and eliminate the threat. Ive had seizures from a TBI I received years ago. Its negatively impacted my life like any other time. But, after 3 YEARS, I HAVE DETERMINED MY CYCLE. My cycle where Ill have migraines, then I dont sleep for days with no appetite. I get cranky to the point where I have explosive anger and scare and hurt the feelings of my family, especially my fiance. This time, my symptoms and actions have pushed family to the point to where if I dont recognize it and make a plan to deal with it and actually execute said plan, Ill lose the one I love forever. Shes scared to be home and I dont blame her. That is absolutely no way to live. For you, you may have been blown up, shot, witnessed a horrible even like so many service members did or all of the above. I share this with everyone because its important for other vets to know they arent alone. I need to set the example as a good NCO would with my task, conditions and standards. Ive always thought the military and civilian life cant blend together for a veterans. Yes it can. Your tenacity to never give up keeps you alive. Dont isolate yourself. Identify the issue and mission and make a tentative plan. Begin YOUR 8 Troop Leading procedures. If there any vets that want to get together near or far, we need to be there for each other. I dont want to see anymore crosses. Everyone can post that pic but it takes us to make a plan of action. I love you all. This can finally be a happy Veterans Day. Maybe not this one but the future can bring positive days of remembrance for you. If any Vet wants to share their story with me, please post below or private massage me. Please Share this with your Veterans. For anyone that wants to reach out for someone to talk to, please feel free to message me. The VA provides a good base line, but thats all. It will take all of us to fight this. Theres many programs out there for us. Local organization to meet basic needs to outside resources through the community that have a longing for taking care of their vets. Ive never asked for help. For me, its time to reach out for help. Below is a list of links to this k outside of the box. Please dont expect for the Veterans Administration to solve your problems. They give you maybe a couple of tools then set you free with a bag of medicine. Theres more to love men and women. There is no honor in taking ones life. Especially your own. Theirs HONOR in overcoming tragedy and physical ailments to become the person you want to be. Not only for yourself, but for your family. Strength & Honor On this Veterans Day, please dont like this but share it. Our veteran community feels alone in society. You truly want to help, dont give lip service AND DONT JUST SHARE 22 CROSSES. SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW IF YOU WANT TO HELP SAVE VETERAN LIVES and those of their families. Nobody deserves to be alone. Dont allow yourself another negative day.
Posted on: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 18:05:54 +0000

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