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Please please please to avoid insult. Dont come to me to show me your beautiful faces because it dont piush me. It will only bring insult from me to you. Please be caution and know how u do yourself before coming to me. Am not in need of any girl. Please please please by the anoiting of the Holy Ghost, i stand upon the rock of adges. I take authority from God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. I command any spirit of mermaid, confussion,deceivers,misfortune coming from anywhere by face or Beauty may you mis your way in Thy Name of Jesus Christ! I stand on my gap and i know that God who create me will locate my needs. I know am not alone. Even dough am living alone i know am not alone. If God is God that create me i challenge him by his word in the book of Numbers 14vs28 which says anything i said if it reach his ear he must Do it. Father if you are the one that says in malachi that u change not now is the time. Take away from me every seed that is not planted by you in me. Take away does that are not worthy to be with me. Take away the snake in any green grass near my door my house my belongs. I ask for mercy upon those that i offends from the day i was brought in this world till today. Those that i didnt offend i also ask for mercy please if you are there and you have forgiven reply. Am Valernest The Novice A.K.A (pastor). Thanks
Posted on: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 09:45:02 +0000

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