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Please see background information below. If you are interested please send us a message and we will pass numbers on by 3rd October. This is an invite to help start planting a wild flower meadow in the Orchard of Tollcross Park. The planting day is planned for October 7th, 2014. Start is at 9.30 am. Refreshments will be provided. Background Information- quite long but very interesting! The Tollcross Orchard Garden forms part of a development of creating a series of Commonwealth Gardens and Orchards in establishing a range of Greener Legacy improvements for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Glasgow. Land and Environmental Services are looking to encourage communities to get involved in planting, looking after, harvesting and eating the fruit grown on Glasgows new fruit trees. This initiative will help our Citys children to understand that growing local food can be fun, healthy and rewarding. As with Allotment sites, it is acknowledged that fruit trees have a significant role to play in delivering essential ecological values of sites and continue supporting the viability of species by linking populations and habitats as part of Glasgow’s Greener Legacy that is particularly important for biodiversity. This exciting planting initiative will provide groups with an ideal opportunity not only to protect and enhance existing habitats within Glasgow, but also to work towards creating new habitats and connecting them to the City’s existing habitat network. Ultimately this will lead to real benefits for wildlife as plant and animal species will have a greater chance of survival when they are part of a wider network of habitats. To ensure a physical legacy is delivered, the intention is to build upon the success of existing green network of improvements by developing a range of green related Commonwealth Legacy projects in the lead up to the 2014 Games. I’d like to invite you to help us start planting a wild flower meadow in the Orchard of Tollcross Park. This is the first of a set of planting days to create a wild flower meadow of up to 900 individual plants within the orchard itself. the plants were chosen to increase biodiversity within the orchard and the park, attrackting vital pollinating insects into the area and to help sustain their population. During the first planting day we hope to plant about 300 plants in the chosen area with more to come spring next year. We have already enlisted the help of Wellshot primary school and our plot holders will also be present to lend a hand in the planting. But the more hands we have on the day the easier it will be and it’s a great way to help increase biodiversity within the park, within the East End of Glasgow and help sustain if not increase the dwindling habitats for our native bee and butterfly population.
Posted on: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:38:21 +0000

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