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Please see the following letter to editor Peter Stoffer submitted in response to an article that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on August 6th. The website link to the original opinion piece by Paul Robinson is included in Peter’s letter below. **** Dear Editor, I vehemently disagree with Paul Robinson and his opinion that “There is no ‘sacred duty’ to Canada’s veterans.” (Ottawa Citizen August 6). ottawacitizen/news/There+sacred+duty+Canada+veterans/8750653/story.html The men and women who join the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have accepted unlimited liability, knowing they may be called upon to risk their lives on behalf of Canada to uphold peace, security or human rights here at home or around the world. In turn, the Government and people of Canada have an obligation to care for and support those who hazard their lives in service to our country. This responsibility has been incorporated into many pieces of veterans’ legislation that defines the benefits and services available for our veterans. It is this type of attitude expressed by Mr. Robinson that allows the federal government to cut funding and staff from the Department of Veterans Affairs, close district offices that provide important services to veterans’, and ignore calls to improve the benefits available to veterans and their families. Rest assured Mr. Robinson, if you ever face a situation that requires the assistance of the military or RCMP, they will be there to help you. The men and women of the military and the RCMP will risk their lives on behalf of our country so that you can get a good nights’ sleep. Sincerely, Peter Stoffer, MP, Sackville-Eastern Shore Official Opposition Critic for Veterans Affairs
Posted on: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 16:57:08 +0000

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