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Porte-Timbre / Stamp Collar - Czechoslovakia / Austria. Porte Timbres (French for Stamp Carriers) are labels with a blank space, usually in the middle, where a postage stamp could be applied. The combined label was then pasted on an envelope where the stamp was supposed to go. These were a popular device in the early 20th century in Europe, especially in France (hence their name). They were used for patriotic and charitable messages, as well as for ordinary advertising. The center, where the stamp could be placed, was often totally blank, but sometimes bore a simple message either supporting the organization selling them, or explaining their use. The border contained a message to surround the postage stamp and promote the cause. In 1908, the Austrian rulers of Czechoslovakia issued a new stamp to honor the jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef. Czech Sokol patriots in the town of Smichov created a stamp collar label to protest their oppression. Sold in three denominations - 3, 5, and 10 haleru - they were tolerated for a short time, but soon outlawed. This example is an Austrian 5 heller stamp tied to a Smichov 5 haleru collar by a PRAHA - PRAG postmark.
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