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Posted by Brooke Strickland Being a mom is a huge job. Your child depends on you, counts on you, trusts you to take care of them no matter what. The demands are seemingly endless some days & as frail human beings, you can feel worn out & impatient. As a mom, you might struggle with insecurities about yourself as a mother -- maybe you dont listen as well as you should or you get irritable easily. Its easy to look at the negatives in yourself, but this video will encourage you & give you a new perspective on motherhood. Many times, your children view you differently than you view yourself. They love you! Moms, you are valued and treasured. God has given you this precious gift of motherhood. Even when you feel exhausted, it is such a deep blessing. If you feel drained from the demands of parenting, take heart. You are a true gem. Keep on working hard and loving your kids to the best of your ability! Original video: A new perspective for moms: godvine/These-10-Moms-Worried-They-Were-Doing-It-All-Wrong-fb-gv--6272.html
Posted on: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 19:00:01 +0000

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