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Press Release 23.06.2013 Re: Attack against Walsall Community and Aisha Mosque We thank God Almighty for protecting our community and Mosque from any harm. We would like to express our gratitude to the prompt response and the professional manner in which the police and local council dealt with this serious incident. On the evening of Friday 21st June 2013: as confirmed by West Midlands Police, a device exploded immediately outside Aisha Mosque & Islamic Centre, Walsall. Following this atrocious and indiscriminate crime, the residents of Rutter Street had to be evacuated from their homes and worshippers were prevented from observing morning prayers. We regard this as a terrorist act against the community of Walsall and Aisha Mosque. This Mosque has always engaged with the community at all levels over the last 40 years. This is built upon open hearts, open minds and open invitations. We pride ourselves on strong community bonds along all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Whilst this terrorist act has shocked our community, it has not dampened our spirits and we will continue to work with even greater vigour. We ask our community to remain calm and let the Police conduct their investigation and to refrain from any speculation. We must also work together for the peace and security of our community and society as a whole. Any future statements will be made by our official mosque spokesperson. [End 23rd June 2013] Media Relations Committee Aisha Mosque & Islamic Centre Rutter Street Walsall WS1 4HN
Posted on: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 10:28:40 +0000

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