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Product Name:LED street light-Motion sensor Product Model:SC3000BW-T30 30W 40W 50W 60W Application: Road, Street, Garden, Park of Hotel, Hospital, School, villa. Motion sensor: 1. This product adopts microwave technology, to test ambient movement intelligently, auto-adjust work state, so no ambient temperature nor noise interruption, performance is better than the PIR sensor, sound-control switch and the touch switch. 2. Sensor should be placed parallel to the ground when installation, to make sure the most sensitivity. 3. Sensor against the metal block in front of it. 4. Sensor can get through glasses, wood board, plasterboard and other non-metallic object. 5. Sensor area tested from a person at the average height of 1.6~1.7m,walking speed for 1.0~1.5 m per second. If testing standard different, sensor area will be different. Feature: 1. High light efficiency over 120LM/W. 2. Scale-shaped Aluminum for good heat dissipation. 3. Low decay less than 3% after 10,000hrs’ working. 4. Constant current LED driver, more safe. 5. Only for DC, can used to solar/wind power. 6. Work with DC constant current source or solar controller, Four-type intelligent light-adjusted:100%, 75%, 50%, 30%. 7. Saving up 90% more than traditional light. 8. Special circuit design, any individual LED failure will not cause other LEDs in working condition to black out.
Posted on: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 03:20:41 +0000

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