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Purple Angel Ambassadors Hiya guys, over the last few days I have been questioned a couple of times what the difference between a Purple Angel Ambassador, and a Alzheimer’s society Dementia Champion, which is a very good question!! So here`s hopefully the answer if you, yourself get asked the same question, and remember, this applies even if you are not a PA Ambassador, JUST A Purple Angel supporter. In March of 2012 the government came out and said they wanted to see dementia friendly communities all over the UK. A great friend of mine, Ian Sherriff had already done some work regarding this the year before in Plymouth and here in Torbay we adopted the same practice in January 2012 (We just love to say we got their before the PM did LOLL) Since then we have grown so much, adopted the purple angel as our logo which as you know has since been adopted all over the world as a dementia Awareness logo for the world to use!!. Then came along the idea of the Purple Angel Ambassadors, thanks to Ostrich care and a great movement was born!! We will concentrate on creating Dementia friendly communities across the world and will make that our SOLE AIM . After the Prime Minister’s statement about Dementia friendly communities, in my opinion, instead of concentrating on just that, they then, very quickly followed it up with a “Dementia friends launch “then the “Dementia champions launch“This, (IN MY OPINION) is where the lines become blurred as the dementia friendly communities, “Friends” Champions all seemed to become one and very confusing. So there you have it, the only difference is we (and you don’t have to be a PA ambassador to do this) will be concentrating on one thing at once, which is Dementia friendly communities. I have to say that if you are Purple Angel supporter, a dementia friend, or a dementia Champion, at the end of the day we are all on the same side, and we all want the same thing, better lives for those touched with this awful disease and their carers and loved ones. We (in the PA organisation) are just doing it a lot simpler, a lot quicker and a lot more efficient without the constraints of unnecessary paperwork and red tape. So if you are asked in the future about this, I hope this helps, Very best wishes, Norrms and family xxxx
Posted on: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 11:04:52 +0000

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