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Q. Discuss the emerging problem of Mal-nourishment in India. Identify some of the reasons associated with this problem and govt. approach to solve this problem. Mal-Nourishment is an age old problem which is the result of historical, geographical factors in our country, accelerated by socio-economic and politico conditions in our country. The poor policy of Britishers with geographical heterogeneity and regional imbalances with regular drought and famine are main causes, resulted in mal-nourishment in our country. (Anemic conditions, poor brest feeding, high food inflation, reduction in the food basket and poverty) Mal-nourishment means both under and over nutrition because of lack of diet as well as lack of proper intake of micro-nutrients called Hidden Hunger. Only because of mal-nourishment the same demographic dividend becomes demographic burden and issues related to adolescent girls, issues related to mental disability and same adolescent girls become anemic resulting into high MMR, IMR which results in India not able to achieve the MDGs 4 and 5. There are social, Economic and Political reasons. India is guided by many religions which mother doesn’t allow for breast feeding to her child immediately after birth which results in poor immunity for child body. India is a country where majority are earning less than 2$ per day results in not able to able the sufficient amount of nutrients to their children turns into mal-nourishment and less cognitive skills. Urban areas, sodium rich food and less fiber tends to nutritional transition. India overemphasis on growth rather development is one of the reason. In 2013, GOI adopted multipronged strategy regarding how to control the Mal-Nourishmet ranging from quantitative to qualitative measures, we are encouraging the role models like Amir Khan which introduced 6 pronged strategy for the eradication of mal-nourishment. In recent time, WHO also celebrated the International year of family farming which tells that government has to provide the micro nutrients which can be done by ISRO help of GPS tracking system to finds the mothers and children in the houses and thus we can take a strong curative measure. Revamping of ICDS programme is major step and Rashtriya Swastshya Karyakaram, Swadhar Greh in regarding the eradication of mal-nourishment. Mal-nourishment is a major developmental problem to achieve the balance between the growth and development and for this we are now initiating the programmes in both rural and urban areas in form of Ananthaya Diwas and Ajeevika, microfinance, financial empowerment of women. Words: 360
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