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QUESTION OF THE DAY August 10th 2014. By TBU Editor - Albert Pritchard A line taken from an early Elvis Presley song, Baby, Lets Play House was most likely the origin of this Beatle song. What song is it? Answer Tomorrow Same Beatle Time (If Possible) and Station! Yesterdays Question: In the movie Yellow Submarine how many regions did the Beatles pass through on their way to Pepperland? Answer ... 7 ... Sea of Time – where time flows both forwards and backwards to the tune of When Im Sixty-Four. At one point, the submarine passes itself as it loops through time. Sea of Science – where they sing Only a Northern Song. Just before the song finishes, they pick up a monster. Sea of Monsters – The monster, probably a baby one, is ejected into a sea inhabited by huge fantastic monsters. Ringo presses the panic button on the submarine, ejecting him from the submarine into the sea, where he is riding one of the monsters, who tosses him around, and with the threat of Native American-like creatures, resulting in John pressing another button on the submarine, sending the US Cavalry to successfully defeat the Indians, rescuing Ringo. It is also where a monstrous vacuum cleaner beast sucks up all loose objects and people and then the entire landscape and finally itself, popping the submarine into a strange empty void. Sea of Nothing – This blank region is where they meet Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D., a short pudgy creature with a painted clown face and cotton tail, but a highly studious and helpful ally to the Beatles, who sing Nowhere Man in reference to him. As they leave, however, Jeremy starts crying and Ringo, taking pity, invites him to join them aboard the submarine. Foothills of the Headlands – where they are separated from the submarine (and Old Fred) and where John sings Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Sneezing powder causes the beings in the Headlands to sneeze, blowing the Beatles & Jeremy into ... Finally, the Sea of Holes – where Jeremy is kidnapped by one of the Blue Meanies patrolling the outskirts of Pepperland. Here Ringo thoroughly investigates a hole and puts it into his pocket, a move that will be significant in the final stage of the story. Jeremy is abducted by a Blue Meanie who has made his way into that zone. When Ringo jumps on to a green hole, it turns into the ... Sea of Green and they arrive in Pepperland (moments before Old Fred and the Submarine return). Congratulations to Linda Eleanor Rigby Robbins, Carol McKowan, Mike Worden and Kelly Mccartney who knew the correct answer. Congratulations to John DeRuvo who knew all except for the Sea Of Green To Mike Gerski, I am sorry you didnt understand the question. Get a copy of the movie and some popcorn and enjoy the show. Thank you to all who played and commented.
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