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Quite a few people stigmatise and show lack of understanding for the association of lack of motivation when a person is depressed. They view it as laziness as based upon their current knowledge and understanding of the concepts surrounding lack of motivation/willingness to perform tasks, it is laziness that is the sole entity that makes up the tools in which to judge the situation. With depression and mental illness in general, there is an actual problem in the brain beyond the persons control that enforces moods and emotions and states of mind. Also there is an almost reversal of the role of the pleasure principle where instead of perceiving feelings of worth, satisfaction, joy, content, & success etc by thinking about committing to carry out even some basic tasks, - due to the maladaptive & problematic state of the brain the person actually receives multiple defeatist feelings such as worthlessness, dysphoria, discontent, failure in addition to any of the unchosen, implied non-recognised acknowledgment of carrying out said tasks (but its mainly down to actual defeatist psychology). Now the thing is the psychological act of thinking about doing a lot of things, that is to say when thoughts about carrying out these sort of tasks/events enters the persons mind, with mental illness, - particular depressive illnesses you can imagine a fair amount of defeatist feelings are thus felt. Now we werent tought in school and additionally higher education really about mental illnesses or even what to do if we ourselves get a mental illnesses....-but with even just a tiny amount of research, like even online, you can find resources and organisations that can fill you in on all you need to know including support which is available..... Blurt Foundation Time to Change
Posted on: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 21:10:02 +0000

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