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RANT: The NFL repeatedly explains that they are finally implementing harsher punishments against players who commit acts of domestic violence due to the fear of losing female fans as well as mothers who enroll their children in youth sports. It is simply looking at the bottom line and protecting their investments. You know what would go a long way to keeping and attracting female fans... simply saying that domestic violence is WRONG and the NFL will not tolerate it. Period. I grew up on the NFL. I am a HUGE football fan. But repeatedly excusing pro sports players when committing inexcusable acts of violence (and not just acts against women) to protect their investments has to stop. It is wrong, say it is wrong and quit bullshitting around the situation. Did this video really have to hit the airwaves for Rice to get cut? The NFL had and saw a video prior to this public release that was enough. But not until the fans saw it were they willing to stand up and tell this man he is no longer welcome. Enough is enough. cnn/2014/09/08/us/ray-rice-new-video/index.html
Posted on: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 19:19:45 +0000

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