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REPROGRAM YOUR MENTAL COMPUTER! Beliefs create thoughts. Thoughts create feelings. Feelings create behaviours. So many of us want to make healthy changes and look only on changing behaviours while ignoring underling beliefs. To change your behaviour, you need to start with the beliefs. For example: You want to lose weight and get healthy so decide to join a gym. Two weeks later you haven’t made it to the gym. Three weeks later you’ve been once, but felt embarassed. Four weeks later you keep coming up with excuses why you’re too busy to work out. You say you want to get healthy, but what do you BELIEVE about what you say you WANT to do? Identify your underlying fears and beliefs about getting healthy: I’ve tried so many diets before but nothing seems to work! I’ve lost weight plenty of times but I always put it back on! It’s all too confusing. I don’t know where to start. It’s so hard, I feel like a failure with no willpower! I don’t like all the attention when people make comments If you’re thinking aligns with the negative and self-sabotaging thoughts above, then now is the time to challenge that thinking and start choosing beliefs that nourish and support you: I am choosing natural, colourful and seasonal foods that nourish my cells. I am safe to release the weight. I am comfortable being slender. I am learning to trust my own hunger signals. I appreciate positive comments and compliments. I am learning to accept them.
Posted on: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 03:15:01 +0000

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