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⭐Ramadan☕28thth June 2014. ⭐Lailat-ul Qadr✨☝ 17th July to 26th July 2014. ⭐Eid-ul-fitr- 28th July 2014. ⭐First day of hajj✈- 2nd October 2014 ⭐Arafat day☀3rd October 2014. ⭐Eid-ul-Adh- 4th October 2014. ➡May we live to witness all These in good health of body and sprit, amin. ➡Pls share the khayr with all your Friends &Family. A Beautiful dua for thanking Allah for every moment: Allah Humma inni ala zikrika wa Shukrika wa husni ibadatikaImagine how many people will thank Allah if you forward ☺
Posted on: Sun, 25 May 2014 11:00:13 +0000

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