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Reason #1 why Tim Bishop should go to Obama fundraiser: He votes with Obama almost 100% of time Did you see Tim Bishop is avoiding President Obama’s Long Island Fundraiser? Sure, Obama’s approval ratings are in the tank, but who is Bishop kidding? He is one of Obama’s biggest supporter on Long Island and has been for quite some time. After all, Bishop has voted with Obama a whopping 87% of the time in this Congress alone. And when Bishop’s friend Nancy Pelosi was running Congress Bishop voted with Obama almost 100% of the time (97% in 2009 and 95% in 2010). Meanwhile, on Obamacare, Bishop has held the line, calling it “a pretty damn good idea” and voting against commonsense fixes like delaying the employer mandate. So Bishop should definitely head over to the fundraiser and show the kind of support for Obama on Long Island that he has shown in Washington D.C. NRCC Comment: “Now that he is in the toughest race of his career, Tim Bishop is hiding under his bed as President Obama comes to Long Island for a fundraiser. Unfortunately for Bishop, he can’t hide from the fact that he has voted with Obama close to 100% of the time, including voting to block bipartisan, commonsense fixes to Obamacare.” - NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior
Posted on: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 23:31:49 +0000

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