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Robin Williams (1951-2014) Death by suicide. Suicide. A serious and scary subject, for you. I could sit here and explain the 3 psychologists, the finding out in a sandbox during a 3rd grade recess that what I knew about me, wasnt true, the times I slept in a laundry mat to keep warm, the times me and crystal meth didnt give a rat ass about you, your friends or me, which all included... Suicidal Intensions. Or the fact my best friend killed himself and the trauma I went through personally over that. But Im not. This isnt about me. Weve all dealt with this. However, by going through what I have, Ive gained a certain understanding of crazy, depression, insanity, and genius. I no longer try and explain or understand to myself as to why a person chooses to kill themselves. Reasons are many. Im not here to judge why Robin killed himself. Thats his business. Hes been through a troubling personal life, like so many of us has. He made a decision to do something that was his and only his to make. How do we not know he decided to use his status to make you aware of the suicide thats going on in not only yourself, but the world. We just dont know and never will. He has touched many lives, done good things, and done bad things. I will celebrate his role as a comedian in my own way as he chose the leave this world in his own way. I have been an offensive writer for many years. Its what humors me. Comedy is everything. Offensive and non offensive. Im not going to sit here and be sad or cry or feel bad for what he did. He chose to do it. What gives anyone the right to judge his or my actions whether good or bad? You see, Im not judging his actions. YOU are. You have judged it as being sad, or he gave up, or he was coward, or whatever other judgement you want to place on it. What I find distracting, is the fact, there is a suicide on average of every 17 minutes, then bam! A celebrity does it, and its then, called a serious serious serious issue. Where was this serious serious serious issue 17 minutes ago? Or a Day ago? What about our soldiers? You know, the ones committing suicide because of what WE as a nation expect them to do or theyre traitors. Oh wait, lets do something about it and give them a phone number to call. Thatll fix it, or lets just pump em with more pharmaceuticals to cover the problem. Or the many victims of abuse in the nation committing it. Why decide to be completely aware when someone famous decides to do it? The reasons are many. Suicide, I have come to grips with it because I have thought about it myself. Ive thought about offing myself just to piss people off. Ive thought about ending it cause I was just tired of being here dealing with a society so disgusting I would rather just sleep in and not deal with it. The Reasons are many. The jokes I have shared has nothing to do with not having compassion. Or a cold heart, or whatever some may see me as. Its about what I am. Robin had a way to take someones situation or even just a situation and make it funny. I find sick and twisted humor to be funny for me. So do others. I will celebrate him for myself in ways that I do myself. Not what you do. Because Im not you. Im me. I guarantee you, he has had a laugh at things Ive written. Its how he would want ME, not you, to celebrate his time in comedy. He may want you to tear for him, and maybe feel sorry for him. Not me. He wants me to be me. Im sad that hes gone, but Im not sad about his decision. He wouldnt want me to be. Thank you.
Posted on: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 01:05:21 +0000

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