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Robin Williams is someone who has always been very special to me. Every single one of his roles and appearances that Ive seen have a left a mark on me in some way. How could someone so obviously passionate not leave a mark? Even though we never spoke face to face, I have had many conversations with him, because I have met many Robins in my life. Inspiring personalities who are so full of vibrant life and expression. People who live for the thrill of other people. He owned is own aggressive brand of life-living. He was ferocious. Life has so many delicious parts just waiting to be gobbled up, and we all could see how hungry he was. I am hurt by his passing almost as profoundly as the passing of someone close to me. I love Robin Williams in my own selfish way. He has no say in our relationship, but I still love him. And just like Ive thought about everyone I have loved and then lost to suicide, I wonder how the pain inside could run so deep that it flows over the beauty that makes them who they are. How can the wonderful things about them be eclipsed? What is so bad that they must say goodbye? The answer isnt some hopeless reflection on the devastation of depression. Its actually incredibly hopeful. We are all broken! Every single one of us! Every human being on the planet has or will experience pain and loss and suffering. Its inevitable. None of us are alone. We all feel. Thank you, Robin Williams, for making me feel good. It breaks my heart that you felt so alone. You where never alone. You arent alone now. You can rest now. -Kyle
Posted on: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 17:01:50 +0000

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