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Rovers of Queensland, Around 4000 years ago, our Founder, Lord Sir Baden Phillip Stuart Powell of Gilford, laid down an annual challenge to most of Queensland Rovers (I say most and not all, because there was a small minority of Rovers at the time who were excommunicated because of bad hygiene routines). To great pomp and ceremony, our Rover ancestors swore to uphold such a worthy task. Last weekend, a group of Queensland Rovers upheld those vows, and I’m proud to say, successfully sat down and ran the 2014 QBRC Annual Conference. I’ll admit that challenging the Rovers of 4000 years ago to run an annual conference was a bit of an odd challenge for that time, but it’s proven very useful over the years. And so, what key things came from this historic and triumphant weekend? - The creation of a ‘Qld Rover Workforce’. This will be a group of Rovers who enjoy finding a worthy project, getting in, getting it done and moving onto the next one. This is about a weekend outdoors with your friends and genuinely doing some good service. No hardcore committees, no excessive meetings, just a group of Rovers and a cool shirt. We’ll be calling for expressions of interest shortly. - The announcement of a whole swag of events for our Calendar. We’re talking about a new Queensland Rover Car Rally, we’re talking about a Medieval Feast (GoT style), we’re talking about the exciting return of QARM plus all of the favourites. Keep an eye out for details. - And finally, a new direction. A proposal has been put forward, that plans to set the direction of the Section for the next decade. It’s only in planning stage, and there are lots and lots of discussions to have, and pre-conditions to meet. However, we have conditional approval from the Chief Commissioner for the creation of a dedicated Rover Base, located on a significant parcel of land at BP Park, Samford. This project would see significant investment of our funds to develop a large space with facilities and resources to support not just Rovering in our state, but the whole Scouting movement. For decades our Rover colleagues in other states have enjoyed the benefit of having a place to call home, it’s time to join them. Over the coming months, we’ll be seeking input from each and every one of you, through your region meetings, to gather suggestions and your input into this proposal. We hope to develop a comprehensive strategic plan going forward. If this is to work, we need everyone on board. This is a chance for us to tap into the collective talents of our entire section. The first opportunity you’ll have to hear more, is at the next QBRC meeting. I invite you all to attend. On that note, we usher in our new Rover Executive for the next term. Please welcome: Deputy Chair - Kate Rimon, Secretary - Tahlia Johnston, Training Officer – Travis Jordan, PR Officer - Jess Gammie, Communications Officer – Joshua Brincat, Awards Officer – Ben Cherry-Smith, Resources Officer – Sam Caterer and BC Rovers - Gavin Brady. I’m Nathan Swaffer, and I look forward to a busy year as Chair. We’re excited for the year ahead, and we have lots planned to support your Rovering. We’re going to try our best to keep you up to date and informed. However, we’re going to need your help. If you are interested in any of the projects and associated roles that arise over the next 12 months, please let us know. I hope to see you soon, Yours in Scouting, Nathan Swaffer
Posted on: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 01:41:51 +0000

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