SAVE YEZIDIS[HINDUS] ------ HISTORY OF MIGRATED HINDUS For those who are shedding tears for Gaza and forgetting about our Hindu brethren from Iraq. Here are some facts. Please introspect. India needs to be proactive on Hindu interests and not give lectures on Gaza to Israel. YEZIDIS - HISTORY OF MIGRATED HINDUS The Yezidis or Yazidis are a Kurdish speaking people who live in northern Iraq. with population of approximately 5,00,000 - 6,00,000 with another 200,000 settled in other parts of the world this is the recent statistics It is estimated that approx 25 million Yezidis were persecuted by muslims over the past 800 years. many Muslims believe that Yezidis are “devil worshipers,” They are mostly a poor and oppressed people, but they have a rich spiritual tradition a branch of the worlds oldest religion(HINDU) The Yezidi emigrated from India to Afghanistan, and from Afghanistan into Iran and, lived in Iraq, and in Syria. In Iraq they started to call themselves Yezidi.. Here are some of the rituals practised by Yezidis which is followed only by hindus which proves their indian origin :- 1. The Peacock(Malak Taus) which they worship is only found in india,and is known as the angel of Lord Subramanya(Son of lord shiva and parvathi) 2. They still do surya vandhanam(worship to sun god) and agnihotra rituals 3. They blow counch and beat dholaks(exclusive to indians) 4. They have strict Gotra rules which are followed till date 5. They apply holy thilak on their foreheads. 6. They worship multi-armed Yazidi gods,multi armed gods are only found in hindu tradition 7. They hang a string of leaves across the doors of their houses on auspicious days. 8. The Yezidi New Year, known as Sere Sal, meaning “Head of the Year”, is celebrated on a particular Wednesday of April, known as Red Wednesday(South Indians, Bengalis,Odiyas, Ahomias(Assamese), Punjabis etc also celebrate new year in april 9. The Yezidis’ belief in reincarnation is one of the remaining vestiges of their original homeland of India. Yezidis believe that they will continue to reincarnate until they achieve a certain level of soul purity(concept of Moksha). 10.Yezidis do not circumcise unlike anyone else in the middle east. Yazidis honour Shukracharya. Shukracharya was advisor to King Mahabali of Kerala when Lord Vishnu came as Vamana avatar . Parsis ( Zoroastrians ) also worship Shukracharya as god AHURA MAZDA The main pilgrim for yazidis is a PAZHANI temple located in Tamil nadu,India whose diety is Lord Subramanya and misspelled as PERANI as they cannot pronounce ZH.
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