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SKY Group is hiring a Post Processing Engineer Job responsibilities: • Coordinate and assign the tasks to the Drive test teams • Follow up the execution of the requested task (Drive test or action) and ensure that it will be done within an optimum Time plan and with the required quality, • receiving the Log files from the DT teams and prepare a report including the graphs illustrated in the attached sample reports (these reports represent samples but the required reports are not limited to these one), • Identify the quality, Level and Throughput problems and recommend 1st level solution (ex: replacing HW, Adding missing neighbors, proposing a re-design action …) and coordinate with the Optimization Area Owner to add the adequate more advanced recommendations Job requirements: • Experience in both 2G & 3G • The Post-Processing profiles should have their own post-processing tools with the (ACTIX) and totally responsible of replaying the log file of TEMS. • Performing Redesign Project, Neighbor Planning, Complaint Handling, Parameter tuning • Ability to finish 3 post-processing reports per day • Post-processing experience more than one year and half Interested applicants are kindly requested to send their resume to ([email protected]) quoting the job title in the subject (OPPJ2312-F). Emails without job title in the subject would be neglected.
Posted on: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 11:26:20 +0000

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