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SOME COMIC RELIEF FOR YOU: All the bigwigs of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) visited Anambra on November 13, 2013, Wednesday, to support the gubernatorial candidate Tony Nwoye. Drunk on the wine of now-possible success of the party, the Nigerian leaders, including President Goodluck Jonathan, found it a bit difficult to control their tongues. We deliver to you some of the statements noted by Premium Times which were as bad, as almost unbelievable. 50 per cent of the private jets in Nigeria are owned by Anambra people- President Goodluck Jonathan. I told Gov. Obi to hand over to this young man- PDP chairman, Bamanga Tukur. Today we have for the first time in history, a candidate from Anambra North. Im sure that the people of Anambra North will do anything to put their son, Comrade Tony Nwoye, into the Government House come 2014- Senator Margaret Okadigbo. If it is not Panadol it can never be like Panadol. This is a party that is deporting your sons and daughters and demolishing their shops- Governor of Akwa Ibom, Godswill Akpabio. Mr. President, kidnapping in Anambra is a lucrative business-Governorship candidate, Tony Nwoye. However, the winner in generating some of the fines quotes at yesterdays rally is Mr. Eze, the PDP board of trustees member and billionaire chairman of Orient Petroleum: 1)For many years the orphans and widows in this state were neglected, until God brought Jonathan from a village in Otuoke. The same thing happened to Tony Nwoye, from a village called Nsugbe. They have no money. 2)That short man called Ngige, we gave him power and he went and joined Awolowos people; the people that killed the Igbos. 3)Peter Obi, we gave him power, he did not conduct election for eight years. He was busy building mansions and marble houses everywhere. 4)Anambra people, let us change your lives while we are still alive. And finally, for good measure, Mr. Eze appears to be in tune with the life expectancy average in Nigeria under the leadership of his favourite President. 5)Im 65 years, and Ill die very soon. Let no one stand between an old man and his wishes.
Posted on: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 22:06:51 +0000

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