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SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST.. Here we go again.. We do better, then BOOM..something else happens! I was talking to nurse while she was doing her assessments, then all of a sudden..Chasitys eyes started fluttering, her arms drew up & started shaking, her eyes were in the back of her head..I grabbed her started calling her name trying to bring her out of whatever it was! Erica started calling her & the nurse ..she was screaming for a Dr ..Victoria & Charity hadnt made it up here yet!..It scared me Erica & nurse half to death..WHAT IN THE WORLD?!..Chasity has never had a seizure in her life, but thats what it looked like..she came out of it, but was nonresponsive for about 5 minutes ..OH MY WORD ..IM STILL SCARED!..NEVER NEVER HAD THAT HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!.. STILL @ 10:45 AM..waiting on drs..so, I made it my business to call her Dr myself!..but still waiting on him also. Nobody knows what is going on!! PLEASE HELP US PRAY.. knowledge for these medical people/staff & I keep it together ..mentally emotionally & physically from snapping like Bruce would have already :) GUESSING GAMES GUESSING GAMES My daughters called off work because noone seems to know whats going on with our baby girl! Please help us reach the THRONE ROOM OF GOD!
Posted on: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:03:56 +0000

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