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[SPOT] Will Lee Min Ho Overcome the Limitations of ‘Chaebol’ in ‘Gangnam 1970? Following the first two hit films and , a film director Yoo Ha’s last sequence of ‘noir action film’ has finally unveiled itself. Lee Min Ho who gained chaebol image from a popular hit drama and Kim Rae Won who has eclectic charms including ‘pure’ and ‘rascality’ are cast as male leads. The film portrays two men’s friendship and desire for money that surrounds Gangnam region when the region was experiencing a huge real estate boom in 1970s in Seoul. The press conference for was held at CGV in Apgujeong on December 12. The film director Yoo Ha attended the event along with lead casts Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, and Jung Jin Young. Lee Min Ho’s return to the screen grabs our attention. He has been only active in smallbscreens since 2008. Lee Min Ho explained, “I wanted to be involved in a film when I could be fully responsible for it. Then, I met a good film which even had a great message.” Kim Rae Won decided to star in the movie as he was attracted to its realistic scenario andbpersuasive character. He plays the role of Yong Gi who is the No. 2 in a gangster group. Yong Gi enters the battlefield of conspiracy and betrayal due to his desire for success which resemble the role he played in eight years ago. At first, it was hard for him tobget immersed in such a violent character but he decided to become a cold-hearted after the director advised him “Yong Gi is a gang”. Action scene in the mud is something we must focus on. It took seven days to film, 800 tons of water, and 150 extra hands. Yoo Ha explained “Actors probably had hard time filming the scene, but I almost diedvbecause of it. We could not find proper clay materials, so we created the mud from the scratch. At that time, Lee Min Ho had his toenailvoff and was on painkiller, so we tried to finish the filming before the drug had worn off.” Actors put in continuous efforts to provide the perfect action scene. Lee Min Ho took action lessons while managing his hectic schedules abroad. Although his action did not fully satisfy the director, it was a great achievement considering the time he had invested on. Kim Rae Won also shed 15 kg to portray sharp image of the character. He said “It was Lee Min Ho who did strenuous action, and I didn’t have any hardships. I only did mild action” and showed his humble features. Jung Jin Young plays the role of Kang Gil Soo who runs a laundry after withdrawing from a gang. He said “I’m not a fan of action film. Moreover, I lacked time to prepare the scene this time. I had frequent pain on my shoulders so I went to hospital and got a shot and then brandished a sword. The filming took place in quite and serene environment. Most of the casts were male actors except ‘AOA’ Sulhyun who acted as Jung Jin Young’s daughter. She danced ‘Mini Skirt’ at the film set and showed her adorable features to other casts which made many actors to laugh. Lee Min Ho reminisced that “I have a huge mood swing depending on my role in the film and I had not laughed out loud in the past six months while filming. However, when Sulhyun danced, I laughed so hard.” Lee Min Ho talked about his feelings whilebfilming the movie and said “It was shocking that Gangnam region were only few thousand won (~dollars USD) per acre in the 1970s. I thought this region have always been rich neighborhood, but at the time, it was the wasteland. I’mbstepping on the same land, but not I havendifferent feelings.” Yoo Ha said “Many people might regret ‘I should’ve bought some real estate in 1970s’ but I wish people look at different issue from our film. Real estate has become an object of speculation. It is the dark side ofvmodernization.” The film premiers on January 21. | [email protected] ] Cr - owner
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