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Salutations my divine friends As of this year we have decided to introduce the progressive certification program which allows you to do 30 or 60 days program per year or twice a year. In this manner you will be certified to work in the Healing field after completing level 1.. In this manner of learning the financial investment is spread over few years. To know the power of the Para-Tan and Tantra Inner Sakthi Yoga come and join our Master for a 7 days program in Bali, a land where the Living Goddess Tradition is very much alive. This the first step to become a Master teacher of Tantra. The next one is from the 1st of Nov to the 7the of Nov. For more information visit There will be one every three months. On completion each level you will be certified; 1st 30 days, certified to offer Para-Tan circles 2nd 30 days, certified as Para-Tan Healing level -1 3rd 30 Days, certified as Para-Tan Healing level – 2 4th 30 Days, certified as Para-Tan Master Healer The next 30 days program is from 27th November to the 26th of December This program will offer you tools to help heal your clients of various forms of Illness. Most important is that you will be totally empowered with the energy of the Divine Mother within the 30 days Your sharing will be Ringgit 10,800 per person (about $3,600.) Deadline for application submission October 17th Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and your favorite pen. For best result please use clothing which is 100% cotton. No previous experience required. Goal 1. To invoke God/Goddess, element, and Guru within 2. To reprogram the DNA to its original imprint by removing emotional memories that can one day cause undesired illness. 3. To awaken Mother Kundalini, there is no guarantee that everyone attending will have this experience immediately within one intensive. Though some have experienced the awakening within one session. 5. Learn to be touch and be touched 6. Learn to use Bija Mantra as an empowering and healing tool Additional goals for a Woman 1. Empower the womb and free it from all forms of emotional memories. 2. Free the breast for emotional memories, and awaken the nurturing quality 3. Heal the Yoni for all past traumas and the energy of past lovers. May the Divine Mother Grace you with love and joy Namaste Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran
Posted on: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 08:10:55 +0000

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