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Save Vaping In Santa Rosa! Your shot to speak with SR City Council: Click For Letter https://dropbox/s/6vo5rje41di3x57/letter%20to%20SR%20CITY.docx?dl=0 Earlier this summer the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors banned us (the ban hardly affected any of us, as their jurisdiction is very limited in scope). However, now, its the City of Santa Rosas turn - and their decision will immediately impact all of us. Over the course of the next few months, the Santa Rosa City Council has welcomed an open discussion with their voters regarding the implementation of laws that will affect your right to vape. The proposals so far include banning all vaping in multifamily shared-wall complexes (no more vaping in apartments); vaping in the workplace (no more vaping while you work!?); and theyre seeking to define vaping as smoking, which will effectively banish us back to the same designated smoking areas that we all tried so hard to get out of. The first public meeting is Thursday, September 25th at 6 p.m., with an additional meeting scheduled Wednesday, October 1st at the Finley Community Center - Person Senior Wing located at 2060 W College Avenue. Additional meetings will take place on October 22 and 23 with final decisions and ordinances being reached and enacted sometime before the end of the year. All of our customers are urged to attend these meetings as its quite rare that 1. The Council even considers public comment before enacting ordinances; and, 2. Theyre actually holding these meetings at a time when most of us are not working (Shocking right?). This is a very rare opportunity for us all to stand up and speak to our city government. We have drafted a letter on your behalf addressed to the City Council that we are asking for you to fill out and either drop off in our store or reply with a digital copy attached. These letters will be available in both of our Santa Rosa retail locations throughout the next few months for you to fill out. We will be periodically sending out this email as a friendly reminder as well. Thank you for your participation and loyalty. Happy vaping! Very Truly Yours, Erick C. Beall Director of Sales / Store Manager (Mendo) Click For Letter https://dropbox/s/6vo5rje41di3x57/letter%20to%20SR%20CITY.docx?dl=0
Posted on: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 20:53:57 +0000

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