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Shahrukh Khan Recent News 2013: ‘Happy New Year’ Star Reveals Most Painful and Humiliating Phase of His Life..........: Shahrukh Khan is one of the top successful actors in the Bollywood industry, but even the best of the best have their down-falls. King Khan’s health issues have been talked about for a while, however, the actor manages to make quite a statement in his monthly column for DNA After Hrs . He reveals some very private details of his painful surgery, humiliating moments and the time before and after that. “Some years ago I was faced with the balancing act of weighing my scientific bent against superstition,” said Khan. “One evening I got to know my spine had a prolapsed disc and I had to go under the knife. It’s a big surgery. It’s considered equivalent to a brain surgery because it involved the spinal cord.” The Happy New Year actor admitted that it was one of the “grandest acts of equanimity” he ended up engaging in. “Everybody began to foretell doom. They listed all that could go wrong. They said I could be paralyzed or rendered voiceless. Thoughts raced in my own head as well. The doctors advised surgery as soon as possible,” said Khan. “I was scared as anyone might be at the thought of their spine being tampered with so I gave a year to those who said they could cure my prolapse through the prolapse of medical science.” SRK stated that he was happy with the doctor he went to because he took great care of him as he went through “pin therapy,” where needles were stuck on his neck and else where, however, the thought of needles in his body scared the actor. “Soon I was lying naked on his table and he had these big, big pins in his hands. The rest is too graphic to describe. It was the most humiliating and painful experience of my life,” said Khan. #presheet
Posted on: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:30:10 +0000

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