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Sharing this on a Monday afternoon! Have young Singaporeans taken what Singapore has to offer for granted? A few years ago, my NS unit organized a trip to NEWater Visitor Centre. There, history of how people from the past struggling to find water was showed. We were all in our late teens or early twenties, and most of us had no emotions when the video depicted how difficult it was to have a pail of water in the past. When it was mentioned that in NEWater, there were three stages of filtration, most of us went, Why so kiasi? Not too long ago, I went to NEWater Visitor Centre again, this time with more old Singaporeans who are at least 60 years old (a community centre event). The reactions of these Singaporeans were completely different. They were awed by the technology, and when the video of how people in the 60s struggled to find water, they all went, Arh, like last time lah. Now, so good. They even clean until so nice. So nice. Singaporeans now so fortunate. See the difference? Trust me, the difference was so big that if I had to answer the answer, I would say, yes, young Singaporeans have taken many things for granted. If youre a young Singaporean, just think of the day when you or your brother / boyfriend enlisted into the army, and parents were invited to view the bunk. Im sure 80% of the fathers say the same thing: Wah, the bunk machiam chalet leh! Yet, how do we think? Why no toilet in each room? Why no air-con? Why no washing machine? If youre a young Singaporean, just think of the day when your parents go to your graduation, be it ITE, polytechnic or university. Many parents would go, Wah, Ah Boy, your school like shopping centre leh! Yet, how do we think? Why canteen so far? Why so few power plugs? Why no bigger library? Its perfectly reasonable should we complain because its our culture. But to take things for granted? Im sure if your father were to enlist to the army now, he would get the best recruit award. Maybe sometimes, we should sit down and reflect. Have we got complacent? Have we demanded too much? Have we taken what we have for granted? I know I have. Have you? What do you think? Please share and like this if you have enjoyed reading it! P.S. Want to get four books of your choice for free (or SGD$10 / RM30), in exchange for 20 minutes of your time? If youre interested, email me at [email protected] with your name and age, or PM me here! Only for a limited number of readers (both SG & MY)! Please share this with your friends who might be interested! One of my novels: goodybooks/asingaporelovestory.htm
Posted on: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:20:00 +0000

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