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Siddhanth lohia : The King of Mumbai & the King of all times Always been a king...always will be!! Mumbai is not just the capital of finance but a lot of other things, including chess, as it is always buzzing with new opportunities and challenges to keep things interesting for the chess patrons of the city and the state! Chess is fast becoming the popular choice for extracurricular activities. But champions stay on the top despite the competition no matter how tough so we have one who fits that profile best and that is none other than Siddhant Lohia! Who has managed to up his game always with our training and support along with the absolute love and pillar of strength from his parents. This world Schools Bronze medalist most recent achievement being winning the U-10 Mumbai Schools Championship concluded yesterday in the city. Certainly the chess world has a lot of new blood flowing in with all the chess programs being so accessible and approachable but natural talent cannot be developed through any programmes , parents are growing more and more conscious of the efforts needed and thus professional training of the best kind is made available to tune the future grand masters but talents like Siddhanth are born with the essence of the game and especially winning in a tournament of this calibre proves it, with it having 5 state champions & one candidate master , Siddhanth with his graph is definitely the king of them all. Nevertheless professional training has become the vogue and SMCA has always been into exclusive chess coaching with serious & dedicated trainers. This Dhirubai Ambani chess champion knocked the ball off the park with a acre of 8/9 and the closest to him were still a point behind. Thats like a difference of a hundred runs in cricket! He has not surprised anyone with how many champions he has thrilled with his performances this was a piece of cake and we hope he continues to delight us with these sweet treats and on the note of treats dont forget the Anand Carlsen rematch next week in Russia.Long Live our King!
Posted on: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 10:16:33 +0000

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