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So I have not long since got off the phone with Dr. Deason at Deason Animal Hospital in Floresville. He had taken x-rays of AMMO front leg and as you will see in x-rays attached it has been badly broken. It has a lot of infection around it and lots of muscle mass. The options being 1. Amputation 2. Attempt to plate it together. Of course, I went for option 2, with amputation as the back-up plan should it not be possible to plate. In regards to AMMOs hips, since he didnt need to be put out for the x-ray on his front leg, he has not yet had hip x-rays, but I requested they be done before surgery so that we know what we are dealing with. He said that he might just be stiff, or in pain due to how he has been positioning himself to compensate the injured front leg, so he is hopeful that he doesnt have hip dysplasia, although it is a high possibility. We shall find out tomorrow! I also requested the blood and chemistry panel to be run so that we will have a complete over-view of AMMOs health. He said he is around 5 years old, he isnt quite emaciated, but is extremely thin, but he has also been in the shelter for 13 days which would have allowed him to gain weight. He said he has had a rough life, but he had an excellent temperament in that he was loving and affectionate, even though he has been through so much and clearly in so much pain and discomfort - he said he liked him a lot - which is always good! Dr. Deason is planning on doing all of this tomorrow. He doesnt think his tooth will need extracting as it doesnt seem to be causing him any concern and feels that this also is an old injury. He told me that AMMO had not yet been neutered, so of course I asked him to chop off those testicles whilst he was under anesthesia - he laughed and said absolutely! So - the treatment plan for AMMO as it stands now is: 1. Blood & chemistry panels 2. Hip X-rays 3. Re-line and plate the broken front right leg 4. OFF with the TESTICLES 5. Hospitalization for approx 1 week, due to the bad weather here at the rescue, so less chance of infection keeping in a sterile area. 6. 2 MONTH - back for x-rays to confirm all is good. If he does have hip dysplasia - have FHO surgery. The cost of the treatment and surgery tomorrow is going to be around $2,300, however, I will be keeping him there for at least a week. I am going to change the fundraiser to $3,000 as he is going to need to go back in 2 months for x-rays to ensure that the bone has healed and set correctly, so if we do end up having more money than is needed (which is really doubtful with hospitalization and medications and such) I will keep it on the account of his future appointments and possible FHO surgery. We already have just over $500 so we are 1/5 of the way there. Donations can be made directly to the vets, but please be sure you leave your name and the amount so that I can update this fundraiser so we all know where we are at. This has turned out a lot more expensive than originally planned, but that quote was based more on an amputation and hospitalization costs, repair is always going to cost more, but, of course is the only way to go when we can save a leg and allow him a pain free life -plus if he does need FHO it will be much easier for him to recover having all 4 legs. Please keep sharing and verbally asking people to donate to help this wonderful boy get the surgery he needs and to live a happy pain-free life. https://petcaring/nonprofits/surgery-for-ammo-s-young-gsds-front-leg/48001
Posted on: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 00:26:41 +0000

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