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So after a chilly run around the playground the most popular activity this morning was making our very own books telling the Christmas story. We have worked hard to learn it whilst practising for our up and coming performance and today we put it into practise. We began looking at the large picture cards and trying to order them to retell the story of Christmas, beginning with Mary being told by the angel Gabriel that she was going to have a baby boy named Jesus and ending with everyone celebrating his birth and the three wise men bringing presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh. We then cut out smaller versions of the pictures and glued them into our very own books, writing the story out underneath, talking about the title page and back cover etc. If you picked this up from your childs tray today, why not take a look together, encouraging your child to tell you their version of the story in their own words. As well as this we have been busy making some beautiful tree decorations by decorating lolly sticks with jigsaw pieces and painting. We have painted them white with a sprinkle of glitter to make snowflakes, and brown with eyes and a res nose for reindeers. If any of you have any old jigsaw puzzles that you would be able to donate (smaller sized pieces) we would be very grateful :-). We have also looked at measuring time today in a number of ways. We used the stopwatch to help us to measure the time it took us to rehearse for our Christmas performance, and the sandtimers to time how long it took us to complete different sized puzzles. Some snow appeared in preschool with a small village scene which the children hace found fascinating as they have explored the texture of. Our new Christmas Happyland play sets have also been a hit and were added to the house. If you havent already handed in a stamped addressed envelope for your childs Christmas card please do so asap so that we can begun our visits to the postbox. Please ensure you put your childs name on the envelope as we arent able to check everyones address to find out which card goes into which envelope. Outside the cars have been out for us to ride on with the Didi cars being a particular hit, twisting and moving our bodies to make them move along :-) Enjoy your evening ☺ Zoe
Posted on: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 16:28:33 +0000

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